Proudly carbon neutral with our deliveries. We care about getting your conscious products to you as fast as possible, in a way that doesn't cost the earth. That's why we use 100% carbon neutral shipping with Sendle.

This partnership enables our customers to support genuinely world-changing initiatives aimed at preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems. By doing so, we ensure that all Bekoherent® deliveries have a net carbon footprint of zero.




Sendle, the first and only 100% carbon neutral shipping service. To achieve this, they use fuel-efficient shipping methods and offset the remaining CO2 produced through conservation, regeneration, and community initiatives. They ensure that all our deliveries have a net carbon footprint of zero. That's right, zero!

They calculate the highest amount of carbon that any package sent could generate through a carbon yield number, and based on that, a portion of each package cost is used to fund regenerative projects. 

We selected the Beidler Forest Project to preserve and regenerate natural ecosystems where native trees, including longleaf pine, red maple, and water oak, have been permanently conserved as forest in this project owned and managed by the National Audubon Society in South Carolina. They have protected 5,500 acres, where many birds call home, including the stunning eastern Painted Bunting. Before being protected, this land was used for timber production. These birds are just one species threatened by habitat loss in the area.