Our history


Bekoherent®, a dream arose from two childhood friends Veronica and Adriana, with concern, experience, and passion. Worried about the plastic waste, toxins, and injustices generate for our daily consumption. And motivated by preserving the environment, social responsibility, and a healthy lifestyle, they joined efforts to offer more sustainable, responsible, and equitable personal and home care solutions.

In 2019, researching plastic-free alternatives to replace the everyday consumer products, we were horrified to realize all the harmful ingredients in modern standard consumer products.

We wanted to look for alternatives, but it wasn't easy to find a brand that offered outstanding performance, with ingredients we could trust, and that was plastic-free. So we decided to create our brand. We worked intensively to formulate and develop our first products, our values as a brand, etc.   At the end of December 2020, we went on the market in Colombia with our first two products, solid shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. We launch in the US market in September 2021. We keep developing other products of the best quality, which offer an alternative to the conscious consumer, who seeks to make a difference.

Bekoherent® was founded on the belief that the excellent performance of our consumer products should not come at the expense of our planet or those who inhabit it. Hence the name Bekoherent® (Being Coherent)! We believe that small changes in our daily routines can have a significant and lasting impact on our bodies and environment. Everything Bekoherent® makes is natural, vegan, plastic, and waste-free.

We are working to connect our entire value chain and ensure that our ingredients come from underprivileged communities. At first, an unsuspecting conversation became the seed of an undertaking that began thinking about tackling the use of plastic. Over time, it evolved towards a comprehensive idea of sustainable development in which environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability are closely related.

We dream that through compassion, empathy, and honesty, we can reinvent the products we use every day and create a more conscious future in which we all feel responsible and connected. Join us so that together we can make this dream come true!