We’ve tried to think about every question you might have about our products, service, and business and answered them for you below. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you want to get in touch for any other reason, please email us using info@bekoherent.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • Are all your bars natural?  YES! All the ingredients we use are natural, with no compromise on quality. Our bars are made with a blend of oils and butter, scented with only 100% pure essential oils, and colored with natural colorants.
  • Are your bars free from parabens, SLS, and artificial fragrances? ABSOLUTELY! Our ingredients list is simple. Our bars are made of beautiful natural oils and butters, pure essential oils, and natural colorants. And NOTHING else!
  • Why should I go solid? Kind to your body our bars contain no preservatives or toxic ingredients and have oodles of pure ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, copoazu butter, cacay oil, and essential oils. Kind on your wallet solid bars last longer (depending on the product) than bottled products because they’re super-concentrated. You add the water – not us. Kind to the environment We use biodegradable ingredients and wrappers, so our solid bars leave no trace. Use it up, enjoy it, and wash away the dissolvable wrapper. No bottles, jars, lids, and pump dispensers to throw away. Amazing! You must experience the smell, color, and feel of our bars.
  • Do your bars contain palm oil? NO! its social and environmental impact is something we feel strongly about, and therefore none of our products contain palm oil. Palm oil can be devastating for people, the planet, and the animals with whom we share it. Global palm demand is incredibly high due to its versatility as an ingredient and low price - more than 50% of supermarket stock and 95% of bathroom products contain palm oil. The unfortunate irony is that palm is the most efficient oil on the planet to produce. Compared to coconut palms, it requires just 25% of the land and water to make 1L of palm oil, versus 1L of coconut oil. As it currently operates, the industry is hugely destructive, wreaking havoc in Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, and particularly in Colombia. Farmers local to palm producing regions often – and understandably – succumb to pressure to provide for their families, slashing and burning critically important, ancient rainforests to plant palm monoculture plantations. The result of their refusal would likely be that the local farmers are obligated to leave their land, and rainforests are lost anyway—the complete absence of fair prices paid by the large multinationals that buy the oil compounds the problem. Farmers have to slash, burn, and plant even more to earn their living.
  • Are your bars vegetarian and vegan friendly? All our bars are vegetarian friendly and do not contain any animal fats or products. 
  • Where can I see the ingredients in your bars? You can find the ingredients list on each product's listing online and on the product's compostable packaging. We are very transparent, as we have nothing to hide.
  • Are your bars animal cruelty-free? YES! We are firmly against animal cruelty in every way. We are certify by Leaping Bunny.  With the manufacture of beauty products, many of these items are still tested on animals, use ingredients made from animals, and threaten endangered wildlife.
  • Where can I see the ingredients of your products? You can find the list of ingredients for each product on our website and on each package. However, in the latter, we use technical terminology (Inci), so we suggest you better consult our website in which we use the common name of our supplies and not its technical name.
  • How are orders packed? In the packaging of our products, we try to use as little material as possible, avoiding plastic use at all costs. The bags we use are compostable, and we are looking for alternatives to prevent the use of plastic tapes. We try to keep the packaging to a minimum and certainly don't use any plastic.
  • Can I buy your products in any store? We have distributors in different cities in Colombia and soon in the United States, and we also sell directly through our website.
  • How can I become a BeKoherent distributor? We are delighted to establish commercial alliances with stores that align with our principles and values. If you are interested in distributing our products, please contact us through our social networks or write to us at info@bekoherent.com.
  • How can I keep up to date with your new products, project updates, and news? Follow us on our social networks @bekoherent and join our mailing list (see the registration box at the bottom of the web page).
  • How do I protect my shampoo and conditioner bars when I leave them in the shower? Ideally, use a soap dish with drainage; this way, the water won't moisten your product. If you do not have a soap dish with drainage, check that when you close the shower, the soap dish does not leave a trace of water, and please, do not leave your product in a place where others' water is used when bathing falls on it.
  • Do your shampoo and conditioner bars pull the color out of my hair? Our bars are pH balanced, and they do not fade the color. However, they will not prolong the color you have put in your hair.
  • Where are your products all made? All of our products are made in Medellin, Colombia, on a small scale by hand with the genuine care and attention they deserve.
  • Are your bars suitable for babies and children? YES! Our bars are extra gentle. As we don’t use chemicals or synthetic detergents that can be harmful to your skin, any of our bars are safe to use on the whole family.
  • Are your bars suitable for people with skin and/or hair conditions? YES! As we don’t use chemicals or synthetic detergents that can be harmful to your skin, any of our bars are suitable for people with skin conditions.
  • How can I contact you? If you have a question, problem, or any inquiry, you can always email us at info@bekoherent.com, complete the inquiry form on our website, or message us through our Facebook page or Instagram page, and we will get back to you within 24hrs. We look forward to hearing from you!